Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Final Program

Dear Friends of the Husserl-Circle,

here it is, the final program for the Meeting.

All the best,

Sonja & Harald

20th of June

21st of June
22nd of June

9 – 10: Reception

10 – 10.50: Opening Address
9.30 – 10.40
Presenter: Martin Holt (King’s College, London):
„A Defence of Hearing Meanings in Words“
Commentator: Marian David (Karl-Franzens-University Graz)
Christopher Erhard (LMU Munich): „From Nihilism to Creationism – Husserl and Ingarden on Ficta“
Commentator: Emanuele Caminada (University of Cologne)
10.50 – 12.00
Presenter: John Drummond (Fordham University): „Love and Admiration“
Commentator: Andrea Borsato (Independent Scholar)
10.50 –  12.00
Presenter: Iulian Toader (University of Bucharest) „Why Did Weyl Think That Formalism’s Victory Against Intuitionism Entails a Defeat of Pure Phenomenology?“
Commentator: Georg Schiemer (LMU Munich)
Stefania Centrone (University of Oldenburg): “On the Right Interpretation of the God Jupiter in Husserl’s Vth Logical Investigation”
Commentator: George Heffernan (Merrimack College)
12.20 – 1.30
Presenter: Hanne Jacobs (Loyola University Chicago): „Rethinking Narrativity“
Commentator: Rosemary Lerner (Pontificial Catholic University of Peru)
12.20 –  1.30
Presenter: Jean-Baptiste Fournier (University of Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne): „Husserl’s and Carnap’s Raumbücher and the Elaboration of Their Concept of Constitution“
Commentator: Carlo Ierna (University of Utrecht)
Daniele De Santis (Seattle University): „Remarks on Husserl on Intuition and Eidos“
Commentator: Panos Theodorou (University of Crete)
3.00 –  4.10
Presenter: Emiliano Trizio (Seattle University): „Husserl’s Answer to the Challenge of Hedonism: Pleasure and Values from a Phenomenological Standpoint“
Commentator: Sophie Loidolt (University of Vienna)
3.00 –  4.10
Presenter: Michela Summa (University of Heidelberg): „The Zero-Point of Orientation and the Bodily Nature of Subjectivity“
Commentator: Patrick Burke (Gonzaga University)
Presenter: Andrea Zhok (University of Milano): „Phenomenology and Possibility“
Commentator: Philipp Berghofer (Karl-Franzens-University Graz)
4.20 – 5.30
Book Panel: Dermot Moran (University College Dublin)
Commentators: Thomas Nenon (University of Memphis) & Christoph Durt (University of California, Berkeley)
4.20 – 5.30
Presenter: Fotini Vassiliou (National Technical University of Athens): „Husserl's Transcendental Aesthetic and its Architectonic“
Commentator: Dennis Skocz (Independent Scholar)
Presenter: Genki Uemura (Rissho University): „Making Sense of the Actuality
Husserl’s Transcendental Idealism in the Light of the Metaphysics of Modality“
Commentator: Michael Wallner (Karl-Franzens-University Graz)